Confoo is a library for discretely conformal transformations of triangle meshes. It is based on the concept of Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes outlined in a paper by Boris Springborn, Peter Schröder and Ulrich Pinkall. Applications lie mainly in the field of 3D modelling, especially in combination with periodic textures.

The library is written in Java and it should be possible to use it from most open source Java applications. It is licensed under the GPL 3.


So far the library has not seen much testing. Most people would probably call the current version not a release but an alpha version at the most. However, right now I'd rather call every significant improvement to the codebase a release, and do without all those pre release phases employed by larger projects.

If you are using this software, I'd be happy to hear about it. If you encounter any cases you think the library should handle, but you find out it does not yet handle, tell me about it, and maybe we can get a future version to handle them as you would expect.


The library uses the Matrix Toolkits for Java (MTJ) for some of its work. Some performance may be gained by compiling and using the Native Numerical Interface of that project. Currently we are using version 0.9.9 of MTJ.

Logging is done using log4j. You can use this API to get detailed information about the internal workings of the library and tune it to best fit the user interface of your application. Currently we are using version 1.2.15 of log4j.

API documentation

Have a look at the API documentation of the latest release to learn how to make use of this library.

Using with Maven

If you are using Maven to develop your application, you can reference the library from my repository using these coordinates:



I use the bug tracker at launchpad for this project. Please file any bugs you encounter or features you would wish to get included into the library.


The current development version of the source code for the library can be found on in the form of a Bazaar branch. The project is developed using Maven. Contributions are welcome, be it as branches, patches or simple suggestions.


1.0 (2008-08-05)

I could work on details forever, but I'll have to release at one point. That point is now.

Downloads: jar, sources, javadoc. View online: sources, javadoc.

1.1 (2009-11-13)

With energy functional for hyperbolic geometry. Unmodified for quite some time, so a release is overdue.

Downloads: jar, sources, javadoc. View online: sources, javadoc.