File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bande.hh [code]Master header for all project sources [code]Implementation of class bande::BranchControl
BranchControl.hh [code]Interface of class bande::BranchControl [code]Implementation of class bande::IntegerProgram
IntegerProgram.hh [code]Interface of class bande::IntegerProgram [code]Implementation of class bande::LinearProgram
LinearProgram.hh [code]Interface of class bande::LinearProgram [code]The main() function and some documentation [code]Implementation of class bande::Settings
Settings.hh [code]Interface of class bande::Settings [code]Implementation of class bande::Solutions
Solutions.hh [code]Interface of class bande::Solutions [code]Implementation of class bande::Statistics
Statistics.hh [code]Interface of class bande::Statistics [code]Implementation of class bande::UndoManager
UndoManager.hh [code]Interface of class bande::UndoManager

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