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Generated yy::parser implementation. More...

#include "parser.hh"
#include "driver.hh"
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namespace  yy

Common namespace for the generated lexer and parser.


template<class T >
std::vector< T > * append (std::vector< T > *sequence, T *item)
 Append an item to a sequence.
template<class T >
std::vector< T > * singleton (T *item)
 Create a sequence consisting of a single item.

Detailed Description

Generated yy::parser implementation.

This parser is generated by bison, using the grammar from parser.yy.

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template<class T >
std::vector<T>* append ( std::vector< T > *  sequence,
T *  item 
) [inline]

Append an item to a sequence.

sequence pointer to the sequence to which the item will be appended, will be returned as well.
item pointer to the item to be appended, will be deleted.
a pointer to the modified sequence object.

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References std::swap().

Referenced by yy::parser::parse(), and singleton().

template<class T >
std::vector<T>* singleton ( T *  item  )  [inline]

Create a sequence consisting of a single item.

item pointer to the initial item of the sequence, will be deleted.
a pointer to a new sequence object containing the item.

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References append().

Referenced by yy::parser::parse().

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